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Pastel Propserine
Rigged Character and Assets

Streamers, or people who do live entertainment for viewers on platforms such as Twitch or Youtube, sometimes use rigged models that track their movements and move along with them. This project was to create an entire
rigged character model and all the basic assets necessary for setting up a fully-fledged brand for a streamer. The video is an example of how the rigged character model works. For part of this project, I learned the basics of a program I was completely unfamiliar with, and through this, I strengthened my abilities to teach myself new things in order to create a unique project.

Final Character Design

The final design was a mix of a pastel clothing aesthetic on a demon-like body. A fully rigged avatar for streaming was created along with a main and alternative outfit. A logo was also created, with a multi-use chibi version of the avatar for applications such as merchandise. 


Final Streaming Assets

All necessary streaming assets were designed to create a solid, cohesive brand across the entire experience of the streamer's broadcast. Starting, Pause, and Offline screens were designed, along with screen alerts, chat emotes and badges, and a screen border.  

Final Merchandise

It is not uncommon for streamers to sell their own merchandise, so shirt, bag, and sticker mockups were created to round off the project and address all basic necessary branding needs.

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